Club History

The Burpengary Junior Rugby League Football Club was founded on 8 August 1984 on the dream of a few, so that their children and other local children could play “the greatest game of all” and build friendships that would last a lifetime, for both players and parents alike

Interest was raised at the Burpengary Sports and Activities Association with regard to starting a Junior Rugby League Club in the area. The name “Jets” was adopted mainly due to the fact that the Junior Netball Club was already using the name, so it was decided that the Rugby League Club would also be called “The Jets” to promote unity amongst the 2 fledging junior clubs. On the weekend of 14 April 1985, the first Burpengary teams took to the field in the original playing strip of sky blue. 2 Under 8’s, 1 Under 10’s, and 1 Under 12’s side took the field for Burpengary that year, each team winning only 1 game.

During the early years, meeting were held in the change rooms of the amenities block and equipment was stored in the back cab of an old truck. On game days, tents were erected and used as the canteen facility to enable funds to be raised.

The club continued to use the primitive surrounding until 1988 when the canteen and storm room were constructed in late 1989, after continuous calls from Club supporters for somewhere to stand out of the afternoon sun, the pergola area around the canteen was constructed.

1990 saw the Club take a quantum leap into the new decade, fielding teams in all grades. Two set of light poles were erected with Club funds and training under lights had arrived. Approval was then given by the Brisbane Junior Division to conduct night fixtures and the Burpengary community witnessed its first games of Friday night football. The Club continued to flourish throughout the 90’s with many highlights, including being presented with a Business Achiever of the Year award in 1997.

In the early hours of Easter Sunday 1992 a fire started in the storage area of the Club and quickly spread through the equipment bays, destroying all the Clubs training equipment and field equipment. However, the fire didn’t stop there; by the time the fire brigade arrived it had spread to the office area, canteen and the change rooms.

After the smoke had cleared and the Club had taken stock of its losses, we had to try and establish temporary facilities for the following weekend’s fixtures. The Junior League gave us until Thursday, when they would do an inspection to see whether we could still host home games until the damage was repaired.

The committee started work first thing on Easter Monday, Portable dressing sheds and toilets were transported to the Club, while our club electrician re-ran wiring for the lights so that football could be played on Friday night.

Many teams have represented Burpengary in both Presidents Flags and Grand Finals, but no team had ever won both in the same year. Until 1993 that is, when our Under 15’s became the first team in club history to win both the Presidents Flag and the Grand Final. Since then we have seen many more teams go through, complete, and emerge victorious with Chairman’s Trophies, Representative teams and Grand Finals.

From the hard work of the club and members over the years has seen the club grow from four teams to the current day where we have 32 teams and 517 registered players. It is through their dedication to the Club, members, local community and local businesses that has seen this Club progress to a successful standing, not only in the community, but also with the League itself over the last 33 years.

The Club has a proud history which dates back some 33 years. The players, Representative players, Supporters and Volunteers have done the club very proud.


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